One night can change life (Part 1)

Meine FanFic hat endlich einen Titel bekommen und die ersten 4 Teile wurden inzwischen auch Korrektur gelesen von meinem guten Bekannten. (DANKE Eric!)

Die Geschichte wurde inzwischen auch schon auf veröffentlich. und die ersten Teile sind hier ja schon als Download zu finden, aber ich dacht mir, warum nicht auch komplett hier posten, vor allem auch für mich, dann hab ich alles schön gesammelt.

Ich fang heute mal mit Teil 1 an und lass die restlichen schon fertige Teile die nächsten Tage dann mal da.

Information: This story is based on the series „The Sentinel“ and happens at any time after the episode ‚Sentinel Too‘ but before the episode ‚The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg‘ as Blair is still an observer. Some crime in it but that’s not the main story. A new main character is created and one of the guys is falling in love.

The series “The Sentinel” and all its characters don’t belong to me. I just borrow them to write a story for fun and new imagination.

“I just hate stakeouts. Most of the time they don’t lead to anything“

Blair Sandburg is sitting on the passenger seat and tries to stretch his back which hurts from sitting for too long.

“Please don’t you are getting on my nerves as well now Chief. This case is getting under my skin and I am just not in the mood.“

James Ellison sitting on the driver seat looking out of the window. His bad mood is written on his face.

“Whoa whoa calm down Jim. I just made a statement!“

“Just keep it to yourself.“

James Ellison looks angrily at his watch and then in the rear view mirror.

“Where are they? They are 20 minutes late. If I find out that they are still in bed then …“

James Ellison grabs his cell phone and is just about to dial a number as a car suddenly turns around the corner and stops right behind them.

James Ellison throws the cell phone towards his partner and turns his car window down as Henry Brown gets out of the car behind them and walks towards the driver side. Without giving Henry a chance to say anything Ellison says.

“Spare the excuses H. Just get your work done here. Nothing has happened so far, so keep your eyes open.“

Before Henry Brown could reply, Ellison has already cranked up the window again and just a second later he has the car started and is driving down the street.

Blair looks at him from the side as he drives away from the scene and then back out of the front window.

“Don’t say anything Chief.“

Blair raises both arms and looks at Jim again.

“Wasn’t going to say anything.“

Neither say any more after that. Jim Ellison is just drives towards home. Not many other cars can be seen on the street but that’s nothing to wonder about after 2 o clock in the morning.

A red light at the crossroads forces them to stop and an angry moan can be heard again from Jim. In front of them another car is also waiting for the green light.


Rebecca Jaimaison is sitting behind her desk in front of her computer and types on the keyboard in front of her quickly. It was dark outside the window and also the rest of the office building seems dark. Rebecca yawns and sighs in her chair. She looks at the small digital clock on her desk. It shows 2 am.

She yawns again then shakes her head like it would help her to stay awake and then concentrates back on the computer in front of her.

“Come on 5 more minutes of concentration then you are done”

Right after saying that, obviously to herself as no one else can be seen in the office, she starts typing on the keyboard again in the same fast manner as before.

Nearly exactly 5 minutes later, she suddenly leans back in her chair with a smile on her face. Then she raises both of her arms high as if she is celebrating a big win.

“YES!! I …”

Another yawn interrupts her and she laughs at herself.

“Now just hit that print button and then I am out of here for the next 4 days!”

She hits some more keys on her keyboard and from outside the office a noise can be heard. She shuts down her computer, takes her bag looks around on her desk, a last check to see if there is anything she needs to take with her. Then she grabs her keys from the desk and walks towards the door.

At the door she grabs her jacket, leaves the office and locks the door behind her. The noise which started a minute ago stopped at that moment. Rebecca walks closer to the printer in the hallway, takes out the papers and walks away with them. She stops in front of another office, takes her keys out and opens the door, walks in and puts the papers on the desk.

She takes a small piece of paper and scribbles something on it, leaving behind a small note, which she puts on top of the papers.

After that she just leaves the office, locks the door behind her and makes her way to the elevators. While waiting for one elevator to reach the 12th floor she yawns again.

“God I can’t remember the last time I was this tired.”

The elevator finally opens the door with a ping. She gets into it and hits the button for the ground floor. There she steps out of the elevator and a friendly voice from the reception desk in the middle of the big hallway welcomes her.

“Finally done? I thought you fall asleep up there. I was just thinking about maybe giving you a call to make sure everything was ok!”

A big smile appears on Rebecca’s face as she walks closer to the reception desk.

“Thanks for worrying, George! It just took me longer than I thought. But now I am done and it was worth it as this night shift has lengthened my weekend by two days.”

While talking Rebecca pulls out a small card from her wallet and pulls it through a small computer on the desk.

“Wish you a quiet night George and I will see you in 4 days.”

A wide grin appears on Rebecca’s face while she walks away towards the staircase.

“Enjoy your free time Rebecca you deserve it. And drive safe now!”

George is standing behind his desk and waves after Rebecca who waves back and then steps onto the staircase to walk down to the parking garage.

Rebecca gets into her car and starts the engine. The small digital clock at the car dashboard now shows 2:20. After another yawn she drives out of the garage and hits the road.

Not much other traffic is seen on the street which is nothing special at this time.

Whilst she drives Rebecca constantly yawns behind the wheel. As she gets closer to the crossroads the traffic light turns from green to red forcing her to the car stop.

She leans back in her seat and closes her eyes and without meaning to, she falls asleep the moment her eyes closed.

And so she does not realize when the traffic light turns green and she also does not realize the car behind her as the traffic light shows red again.


“What the hell is he waiting for?”

Jim angrily sits behind the wheel. The traffic light in front of them shows clear green but the car in front of them does not move.

“I am passing him now before the light changes again.”

“Come on Jim, maybe he has a problem and needs some help?”

Blair grabs the door handle and is just about to open the door to get out and take a look but Jim interrupts him with an annoyed voice.

“Stay put Chief. It’s too late anyway.”

Jim points towards the traffic light which is red again. Then he looks a slight bit to the side. Blair knows this position, Jim stretches out his hearing to get a better feel of what’s going on with the driver in front of them.

“It seems that she is sleeping!”


“Yes the perfume I smell is definitely nothing a man would carry! The horn should do the job the next time we get the green!”

“You will scare her to death Jim if you do that!”

“She is sleeping in her car in the middle of the street the engine is still running. I can also pull her out of the car and arrest her because of a strong suspicion of being under the influence. Would that fit more into your meaning of doing the right thing?”

Before Blair could say anything, the traffic light turns green again and Jim pushes the horn.


A loud noise wakes her with a start. Without even realizing what it was she realized with a shock that she must have fallen asleep. She looks up at the green light still puzzled and disoriented but without any more hesitation she starts moving the car.


Jim obviously satisfied now stays right behind the other car as it finally starts driving across the crossroad. After a few meters he suddenly stops. He looks out of the side window. Blair follows his view and could see the lights of a truck speeding towards the crossroads.


Jim does not really hear the shout from Blair as he is watching the scene in front of him. The truck ignores the red light on his side of the crossroads crashing into the car, which only seconds before was still safe in front of them under the traffic light.

The car rolls over several times from the impact and then stops landing on its roof. The truck in the meantime just keeps driving without even the slightest hesitation or attempting to stop.

Jim and Blair remain sitting in their car for a moment. Shocked after what they had witnessed. Blair snaps out of the shock first. Jim’s cell phone is still in his lap where Jim had thrown it on the stakeout place. Blair grabs the phone and calls 911 while he is jumping out of the car and starts running towards the demolished car.

As Blair reaches the car he has already explained to the woman on the line what happened and she is reassuring him that an ambulance is on the way and will be there in just a few minutes.

Blair puts the phone down and is already on his knees looking in drivers’ side window of the crashed car.

“Hello! Can you hear me? My name is Blair. What’s your name?”

Blair gets closer and reaches into the broken window as he is getting no answer from the unconscious woman. He puts two fingers onto the woman’s neck and was visibly relieved as he can feel a pulse.

“Please hang on. Help is coming. I am sure they will be here soon.”

Blair grabs the hand of the unconscious woman to give her a bit of comfort, although he was not sure if she would know anything about it.

“Jim can you hear the ambulance yet? How far are they? I hope they hurry up.”

As he is getting no answer. Blair turns around a bit but is still holding the woman’s hand the whole time and looks back at but can’t see Jim anywhere.

“Jim? JIM? Where are you man?”

Still nothing and Blair starts to worry. He looks back at the woman whose hand he is still holding.

“I will be right back.”

After that he releases the hand, gets out of the car again and stands up next to it looking towards Jim’s car and Jim, whom is still sitting behind the wheel not moving at all.

“JIM?” Blair shouts out loud again but still he gets no reaction.

“DAMN! JIM?” Blair shouts out loud as a quiet moaning can be heard from inside the car. Blair immediately kneels down again and grabs into the car to take the woman’s hand. Her eyes are slightly open now looking at him.

“HI! I am Blair. Try to stay still. Help is coming. Help is coming.”

Blair squeezes the woman’s hand and the moment he could hear the sirens of the ambulance coming closer the woman loses consciousness again.


Jim is sitting behind the wheel and watching the scene in front of him. He can hear Blair shouting something next to him but does not realize what it was. The only thing he can see is the car in front of him and the truck which is not stopping and crashes into the car.

Jim is watching the scene, the car rolls over several times, the truck does not stop. It just keeps going as if nothing has happened.

He can feel movement next to him, cold air is flowing into the car as the passenger door is opened.

He can see Blair running across the street to the car which is lying on its roof.

He can hear Blair’s voice shouting after him again and again.

He can smell a mixture of fuel and blood coming from the demolished car.

But he can’t move!

And he can only think one thing while he is watching the scene in front of him.

“I was pushing her. If I had not hit that damn horn she would be safe right where I am now. It’s my fault. I was pushing her.”


Rebecca was confused and angry with herself.

“How could I fall asleep while waiting at a traffic light?”

Something loud had woken her. Even though she has no idea what it was and she feels confused she realizes the light is green and starts driving.

The next thing she saw was a bright light and then everything happens fast. She felt some pain and heard a loud noise. The world seemed to spin several times. She had no idea what was happening.

“I am probably falling asleep again” was the last thing she thought as the world goes dark around her.

Again a loud noise wakes her and then there was pain. Her whole body was in agony. She is breathing faster and she could not stop herself from moaning. Suddenly someone grabs her hand and squeezes it. And a soothing voice is telling her to stay still and that help is coming.

Rebecca just believes him without knowing why and as she can hear sirens coming closer everything goes dark again around her.


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